My new thing - Tubular Mascara

Recently I bought a pretty pricey mascara by Chantecaille (hangs head in shame). Clocking in at £45, (yes, I know. I can't explain what came over me) obviously it is so high up on the luxury makeup rictor scales that I had very, very high hopes for it. It is the Supreme Cils Mascara by Chantecaille, one of my all time favourite brands. So the big question is, is it worth the luxury price tag?


I think it is, and let me tell you why. This is a tubular mascara. This means it coats each lash and creates a tiny tube around it. Once this mascara goes on, it will not budge for anything. You can sweat in it, cry in it even swim in it (if you are careful not to wipe your eyes after). It just stays put all day and night. So what makes it superior to say a waterproof mascara? Well the genius is in the way it comes off. You just need to rinse with warm water, wiggle the lashes between your thumb and forefinger and it literally comes off in your hands. Gone are the days of trying to remove waterproof mascara - I used to have to rub so vigorously that half my lashes became detached to get that stuff off.  So I am a total convert.


Tubular mascaras have been on the market for a few years now (i'm just a bit late to the party). You don't need to go so far up into the luxury price bracket to reap the rewards. Here are some other tubular mascaras:

MAC's Opulash Mascara £14.00

Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara £22.50

Kevyn Aucoin Curling Mascara £22.00

Clinique Lash Power Mascara £17.00

L-R: Chantecaille, Clinique, Kevyn Aucoin

L-R: Chantecaille, Clinique, Kevyn Aucoin

The frustrating thing is they don't seem to have any reference to being tubular in their names, so if you are shopping for new mascara it is worth enquiring whether they wash off in warm water as that seems to be the main indicator. 

Psst: i'm actually in Paris today. Stay tuned for a post on the beauty junkies guide to Paris which will be coming soon!