Lip & Cheek Stains

This month I received two samples of lip & cheek stains in my Glossybox and Birchbox. I am a firm believer in cream blushes so I was curious to see if I preferred this stain type format.


For those of you who don't know how the Glossybox and Birchboxes work, I will be explaining all in a post very soon. I am just waiting for this month's boxes to arrive to photograph and review for you! 


In my Glossybox I received a full size (12ml) of Me Me Me's Cherub's Blush.  It is a cheek and lip tint which comes in a bottle with a brush in the cap, like a bottle of nail polish. The aim of this product is to give a long-lasting hint of colour. I first tried it on my lips and while the colour was pretty, I found the texture quite drying and I couldn't wait to put lip balm over the top. It was very subtle and pretty on the cheeks though and the smell was amazing. I am a sucker for anything with a rose scent. This costs ยฃ5.50 which I think is pretty good value and you can buy it here.











In my Birchbox I received a sample size of Stainiac from The Balm in colour Beauty Queen. This one is a gel formula, which comes with an applicator like a lip gloss. I felt a bit more in my comfort zone as I do love this texture. Colour-wise it was more subtle than the Cherub's Blush.  I didn't like it on my lips, even though it was a gel it still felt dry to me. It was quite pretty on the cheeks - it reminded me of  'Oh Glow' by Smashbox which I found to be a bit too sheer for my liking. This costs ยฃ10 to buy the full size through Birchbox but it it currently unavailable ?? They obviously need to sort that out. If you are in Australia, it costs $17 and you can buy it here.








 Top swatch - Me Me Me's Cherub's Blush  Bottom swatch - The Balm's Stainiac

Top swatch - Me Me Me's Cherub's Blush

Bottom swatch - The Balm's Stainiac


I think these lip and cheek stains could be your thing if you are very pale and only like a suggestion of colour. For me, i'm sticking to my beloved cream blushes and hydrating lipsticks.