Scented Candle Library

Library, yes library. I am swimming in scented candles and am at the stage where I should catalogue them in categories depending on the needs of my different moods. What started as a little obsession with Diptyque which was allowed to develop due to the downright reasonable prices of them here in London compared to Sydney, has now expanded to a love of candles from a multitude of brands. Let me talk you through them.

The Big One - Fornasetti Scented Candle


More a work of art than just a candle. Just look at it. The packaging of this is just sublime. I almost can't wait for the candle to be finished so I can use the canister to store things in. This one doesn't come cheap at Β£99.00, but as I said before, it really is a work of art.


The Wee One - Diptyque mini candle in Rose (Β£20.00). Diptyque will always win the prize for strength of fragrance in my opinion. Even these little ones have scents that permeate your home. I have tried many of the different fragrances, and my favourites include Rose, Gardenia and Mimosa. The small size means if you like variety you can mix it up more often and once finished, they make adorable storage pots.


The Relaxer - This Works, Lavender and Vetivert candle. I picked this up at my local TK Maxx in the pre-Christmas sales for a very reasonable Β£15.00. The lavender and vertivert soothes and relaxes to help you slow down and unwind. Perfect for a night time burn. This no longer seems to be available, but you can view the other candles in the range here.


The Newbie - Sanctuary Spa Unwind Candle.  I picked this up at the Sanctuary Spa last week so it is brand new and hasn't yet been burned. I have been so pleased with the products I bought there so I have high hopes for this one. It cost Β£12.25 and was part of a 3 for 2 deal.