Balm Balm

Facial Mists - Function or Frivolity?

I've gone a little crazy spritzing myself lately. In the Sydney heat, on the plane flying home, you name it, i've been surrounded in a cloud of mist. I started wondering whether these floral waters actually do anything? 


They claim have a myriad of uses: as a gentle toner, as a refreshing pick me up, to fix your makeup, to refresh your makeup, to hydrate, to calm and soothe. But are anything of these things achieved? 

My latest addition to this ever growing collection is the Queen of Hungary Mist by Omorovicza. This is a product that came out of my Liberty Beauty Bag (which I blogged about here), so it is a nice small bottle which made it excellent to take on the plane. It contains rose and neroli and it smells amazing. It was the perfect mid-air pick-me-up and I will miss it when it is gone. At £46 for the full sized product, it is not cheap and i'm not sure it does enough to warrant a re-purchase at that price. 


A more budget friendly product is the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray. This is great for hydrating and refreshing as it contains active aloe, but it lacks the beautiful fragrance of the Omorovicza one. Priced at £20.00 / $45.00 it is a good basic hydrating product. My tip is to store it in the fridge if you live in a warm climate. When spritzed as a midday refresh it is divine!

If you want to go for a seriously budget friendly option, the Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist is a good basic mist with a rose scent for £8.00 / $23.95


For those who prefer to keep things organic, Balm Balm make the lovely Rose Floral Water which I sometimes use in place of a toner if my skin feels dry. It is 100% organic and should be stored out of direct sunlight. It has a short lifespan of only 6 months once opened so you need to keep spritzing on a regular basis! £11.00


I think if you like the sensation of a refreshing face mist then they are worth having. They do calm, sooth and hydrate. I personally don't find them beneficial in terms of fixing my makeup as I suffer from an oily t-zone so I prefer to keep my makeup in place with a setting powder. If you embarking on any long-haul flying I would thoroughly recommend taking one on board with you.