Miracle Skin Cream

New Budget Buy - Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

I have been dying to get my hands on this ever since I saw it reviewed a few weeks back on the British Beauty Blogger's site (link here). I am a massive fan of Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream which I rate more highly than most of the more expensive BB options out there. It is my fail safe no makeup product and i'm never without it. This new product is more skin care based. It claims to be anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles, anti-age spots and to improve visible skin quality. The last time I tried a 'blurring' product similar to this it was Nanoblur by Indeed Labs and I wasn't very impressed. Crossing my fingers for a better result this time, here is what I thought.


It comes out of the tube white and then by way of its self-adjusting micro-pigments, it magically transforms into your skin tone. It certainly matched to my skin tone well but I guess I do have pretty average white girl skin, so i'd love to see how this goes on a darker skin tone. 


The coverage is much more 'no makeup' than I am used to. I was expecting the coverage of the BB cream, of which it is not. I am comfortable wearing this to the gym or on a lazy Sunday morning but that is about it. Like Nanobur, it takes a little more blending in to the skin than a BB cream, but unlike Nanoblur it does actually absorb after a few seconds. I found that I needed to have a good double check that there were no visible patches showing once I had applied it.


It really does smooth out the look of the skin. I mean, realistically it is not going to remove your wrinkles, but blurring is a good way to describe the visual affect it has. The longer it stays on the better it looks. It is one of those products that you don't see the effects of immediately, but a few minutes after applying it to my hand, I can certainly see which hand has it on and which doesn't. I have also been using it underneath my makeup as a pre-base and it works quite well as long as you give it a couple of minutes to sink in before applying your foundation. 


In a rare moment of frugality I didn't purchase the matching eye cream and I am now regretting that. I think around my eye area would definitely benefit from some blurring, so I will be picking this up next time i'm in Boots. If you are in the UK, this costs £12.99 here and the matching eye cream is also £12.99 here

Like any new product launched, i'm afraid it is not yet available in Australia. I am waiting on the Garnier PR people to let me know when you can expect to see it launched there.