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Products that didn't wow me - volume 2

Ole Henrickson African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser

This product was a total packaging fail for me. While the cleanser inside the bottle was lovely - self-foaming, felt nice on the skin, did the job perfectly well - the pump dispenser gave up on me while there was still a decent amount of the product left inside. As it is supposed to self-foam when you pump it out, I couldn't even remove the top and tip the remainder out. Very annoying!! 

See how much was still in the bottle?

See how much was still in the bottle?

Nanoblur by Indeed Labs

I wrote a lengthy review of the products from Indeed Labs which you can read here. Basically, while I love all their other offerings, the Nanoblur and I just didn't gel. The texture is strange and it does not sit well under or over makeup. Thankfully my love for Hydraluron makes up for my disappointment in this product. 

The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter

I am an avid user of Body Shop Body Butters - I love them and use them up very quickly once the central heating turns on. This one however is destined to remain gathering dust in my bathroom cabinet. It is just way too shimmery for me. I put it on before I went out one night and I looked silly. I just think i'm a bit old to be all shimmery all over. I also find this one a bit too fragrant to use before bed which is when I always apply my body moisturiser. Now the Shea Butter one is a totally different ball game .....


Kiko Pearly Eye Base Primer

I was holding out high hopes for this one having read many rave reviews on Kiko. The price was amazing and it looked and felt nice when I tried it on my hand, but once I put it on my eye lids I jut couldn't get it to stop creasing. I just don't think it is a good sign when even the primer creases ... it doesn't hold out much hope for making your eye shadow stay crease free does it? 


Sadly it is a thumbs down on these products for me. What do you guys think? Are there any mentioned above that you find good?