Duty Free Makeup Addiction

I have an addiction to duty free shops in airports. I find it next to impossible to walk by without a quick look, even if it means dragging an unwilling 5 year old in with me. The thrill of all those travel sized , multi-buy and travel exclusive packs are what gets me. Purchases made at this time are usually done so in a rush. I totally blank out and suddenly can't remember what I already have and what I need, which is in fact nothing. If I try to be systematic and go in armed with a list, inevitably what I want is not there and once again I drift aimlessly, yet in total time restricted panic ... and I usually come away with lipsticks. Lots of lipsticks.

Behold Guerlain's Rouge Automatique lipsticks which are cap free meaning you can apply with one hand! Genius.

Behold Guerlain's Rouge Automatique lipsticks which are cap free meaning you can apply with one hand! Genius.

My trip home from Dubrovnik last weekend included a typical stint of duty free shopping before my flight. Stalking the aisles in confused panic lead me to come away with a box of 3 Guerlain lipsticks, none of which were actually needed, and a 'Clinique to go' pack which includes a powder compact and lipstick which is a duty free exclusive!

Superpowder Double Face Powder in 02 matte beige

Superpowder Double Face Powder in 02 matte beige

Long last lipstick in 12 'Blushing Nude' 

Long last lipstick in 12 'Blushing Nude' 

Clinique do such a good job of multi-packing products and making it seem totally reasonable to buy 3 mascaras at the one time. The other brand who wins packaging awards is YSL. Have you seen their travel eyeshadow sets which come in a reusable hot pink wallet? Gorgeous!

Armed with my goodies I sauntered back to the lounge feeling satisfied and completely able to shrug off the raised eyebrows directed at me by my husband. Job done. May she who has the most lipsticks win!

Can we just take a moment to admire Guerlain's Coque D'or lipstick? Sparkly perfection in a tube.

Can we just take a moment to admire Guerlain's Coque D'or lipstick? Sparkly perfection in a tube.

Paris - Le Haul part one

I spent a lovely few days in Paris last week with my friend Kelly and we had a ball. Lots of eating and walking the streets ... and lots of shopping too of course! I didn't go crazy but I did pick up a good few bits and pieces in Sephora and Parashop, my French pharmacy of choice. Here is what I got.

Guerlain Météorites - described as 'Light Revealing Pearls of Powder' they are light diffusing powder balls which are shaped by hand and used to minimise flaws and add brightness. I have been intrigued by these for a long time and when I came across them in Sephora I thought 'when in Paris ....'. I went for colour number 2, Light. It comes with a puff but is much better applied with a fluffy powder brush. And they smell absolutely divine. You can buy these on Sephora with UK shipping available here

YSL Rebel Nudes in colour Fuchsia Tomboy - ever since Sephora sent me that lovely sample these have been on my list (see post here). It was so hard to choose a colour but I had bought a fuchsia top in Galleries Lafayette earlier that day so I decided to get something to match. The texture of these is strange - cool on the lips at first. The staying power is amazing and that is something that is hard to find in a gloss format. 

Dior Addict Fluid Stick in 869 Vie D'Enfer - these were everywhere in Paris. Dior have obviously spent big on advertising for this campaign and it worked on me! I bought this to compare to the YSL I bought above. I went for a classic red. It is part gloss, part lipstick. I can't decide which I prefer but I may just have to give it to YSL on the angled brush applicator. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Ro(cocoa) - is it possible for an eyeliner to be too soft? This may be the case with this one. At times the soft texture is a dream as it glides on with absolutely no tugging, however when you try to tight-line with it on the upper lash line it is a little too soft. Evidence of this can be seen in the picture below where the point of the pencil has worn down. It is supposed to have a built-in sharpener which I can't seem to locate. Any ideas? I love the colour though and as with all Marc Jacobs Beauty products, the packaging is luxe.

I picked up a few little handy Sephora brand things that I thought you might be interested in seeing. The first are these cool eye-remover swabs that look like a simple cotton bud but have eye makeup remover in the middle which runs into the bud as you snap the top. So handy for traveling! The second handy this is this reusable wipe for removing makeup. No more cursing when your hotel does not provide flannels to wash your face, just whip this out and you are covered. It dries hard like a chamois but becomes soft when wet. I take my makeup off with Bioderma first, then used this cloth with a cleansing balm to get everything else off. Unfortunately I can't seem to find this product online to link it in this post. I also got another small bottle of their makeup brush cleaner because it is easy to transport and works a treat.

In my next post, Le Haul part two I will show you what I bought at Parashop. And don't worry, it is not the usual Bioderma and Nuxe lip balm that you have read about a thousand times before. I'm not that predictable!

Duty Free Bits n Pieces ….

So I managed to pick up a few 'essentials' as I departed London for Sydney last week. Ok, there was actually nothing essential about what I bought, but I was about to embark on 24 hours of hellish torture so I needed a little something-something. 


Tom Ford Lipstick in 'Indian Rose'  - oh mother, this is good. It is as close to my beloved MAC Cosmo lipstick as I can find except the price is substantially steeper and the packaging is more luxe.  It is a gorgeous rose shade like my lips only better and I love it in all it's beautifully packaged glory. 

The duty-free price of this was £30.60. Tom Ford cosmetics are sold in David Jones in Australia. Unfortunately they don't list prices on their website so i'm unable to link it for you.











Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes in Lavish Lilac - purple is definitely the new brown for me and I would encourage any green-eyed girls to try it if you haven't already. Purple tones really bring out the green in your eyes, and as weird as this sounds, many of the ones I have discovered have a brown undertone so they just work. It is very sheer so perfect on its own for daytime, and for a night look I ramp it up a little by adding some deeper purple powder shadow in the crease. 

The duty-free price of this was £14.15 and you can find this product here in Australia for $35.00.








I also repurchased the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara which I tried earlier this year. What sets this mascara apart from the others for me is it's incredibly fine applicator which makes coating each and every lash ultra-easy. 

The duty-free price of this was £14.15 and you can find this product here in Australia for $38.00.







I've gone cold turkey on the makeup purchasing front while i'm in Sydney. Even an obsessive like me can't justify the crazy prices over here.

My Favourite Things - November

As the weather turns even colder here, this is very a much a northern hemisphere centric selection. I can't wait to be in Sydney in a few weeks where my next month's favourites will no doubt be a lot more summery!


Bobbi Brown Rich Colour Gloss in Ruby Red - this feels and looks like a gloss but has a longer staying power so it wears more like a lipstick. The colour is like cherry-chocolate and looks good enough to eat. £18.00 / $44.00

Bobbi Brown Rich Colour Gloss in Ruby Red

Bobbi Brown Rich Colour Gloss in Ruby Red

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose - a lovely all-in-one creamy blush and lip colour that comes in an easily transportable pot. It is more of an Autumn/Winter colour for me so I will be leaving this at home when I fly to Sydney in 12 days (not that i'm counting). £19.00 / $44.00

Jo Malone perfume - I needed a scent that was more wintery so I decided to go with Black Vetyver Cafe Cologne which is another favourite fragrance that Jo Malone is discontinuing**. My husband actually bought me this perfume just before we got engaged, so each time I smell it, it reminds me of being 28 and on holiday in Copenhagen. Lovely.

Pixi Beauty Wide Awake Crayon - top is 'Brighten', bottom is 'Lighten'

Pixi Beauty Wide Awake Crayon - top is 'Brighten', bottom is 'Lighten'

Pixi Wide Awake crayon - this is a double ended highlighting super-tool. One one end you have the 'Brighten' end which is a matt peach - this is great for using on the lower waterline and under the eye. The 'Lighten' end is a shimmer peach which is a lovely highlighter on the cheek bones, arch of brow and cupid's bow. Amanda Bell did a great mini-tutorial on using this which you can view here. £14.50 with free international delivery here.






Weleda Lavender Milk Bath - i'm trying to hold off investing in another one of my favourite Aromatherapy Associated bath oils as I felt I couldn't justify the expenditure right now. Instead I bought this from Ocado and had it delivered with my weekly groceries so it was practically free (right?). It is a lovely bath milk for the price and i'm enjoying using it on Friday evenings when my kids are in bed. I will probably go back to my beloved bath oils next time around, but this is a lovely alternative for now. £11.95 / $29.90

** I just tried to link this with the Jo Malone website and it appears this fragrance has already gone from the online store. Boo-hiss.



How to - Bright Lipstick

I've bought a new necklace! I've never had a piece of jewellery dictate what makeup I wear before now. This necklace by Delfina Delettrez is HOT pink - fluro pink. And it makes wearing any other lip colour with it impossible.  Thankfully I have a Tom Ford lipstick in Pure Pink* which is as close a match as I will ever be able to pull off. Here is how to apply bold colours with ease.


Lips must be hydrated and exfoliated, so I recommend using the Sara Happ Lip Scrub (more details here) first then popping on some Lucas Pawpaw ointment while you do the rest of your makeup.

Blot off the remaining Pawpaw ointment off with a tissue, then apply a lip primer such as the Kiko Lip Base (£5.90 here). The primer neutralises the colour of your lips so you can draw your lip line in where ever you want it to be. The neutral base also helps to make your lipstick colour pop.

I have fairly full lips so I draw my natural lip line in using the Kiko Invisible Lip Liner (also £5.90 here). This is a waterproof clear pencil that provides a barrier so that the lipstick doesn't bleed. 


Finally I apply the lipstick using a lip brush until I have a clean line, then I fill the lips in using the lipstick straight from the tube to make the colour intense. If you plan to go out all night, or you want the colour to last through your first coffee of the day, I would blot with a tissue and apply a second coat. 


*My tube of Pure Pink was a gift and sadly does not look available anymore, but there is this colour here, Flamingo, which looks pretty close!