Photoshopped Pascale

I worked on a shoot a little while back where the photographer very kindly insisted on taking some photographs of me. Now I don't enjoy this process and really only obliged as he seemed quite intent on it. Re-touching images is quite commonplace in the world of beauty and makeup, however retouching for my portfolio is always kept to a minimum so my work is kept as natural as possible.

A few weeks after the shoot the photographer sent me across the re-touched images, and when I saw the photograph of myself I was a little shocked. I look about 25! My skin is perfect. My moles have been removed! My eye colour is slightly different! It is quite strange to see yourself this way and I thought I would share the photograph with you for a giggle.

Pascale, new and improved!

Pascale, new and improved!

Perhaps this could have been the real me if I had stuck to a strict organic, maro-biotic, fregan, fruitarian diet for the past 10 years? Who dares me to make this my profile photograph and just be all casual like 'Oh yeah, this was taken last week on a shoot' ???